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West Virginia Sports Betting

Joey Shadeck

Jun 30, 2021

If you are a West Virginia resident who wants to bet on the NFL, NBA, or college sports, you’ll need an online sports betting account.

A sports betting app — also known as an online sportsbook — is required to place bets. Mountain State residents can bet on sports at brick-and-mortar casinos, or on their mobile phones or computers.

This guide explores the best West Virginia sports betting sites by comparing the total number of sports and bets offered, odds, live betting features, mobile apps, educational resources, ease of use, and current bonuses and promotions.

Is sports betting legal in West Virginia?

West Virginia sports betting is legal online and at brick-and-mortar casinos and racetracks. It became legal in March 2018 when Governor Jim Justice allowed S 415 and H 4396 to proceed into law without his signature. The first legal sports bet in West Virginia was then placed on August 30th, 2018.

Where can I bet on sports in West Virginia?

You can bet on sports online or on your mobile phone with the following sports betting apps: DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM, William Hill, and BetRivers.

You can bet on sports in person at the following West Virginia casinos and racetracks: The Greenbrier, Hollywood Casino, Mardi Gras Casino, Mountaineer Casino, and the Wheeling Island Casino.

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in West Virginia

  • DraftKings Sportsbook – Best Overall
  • FanDuel – Best Live Betting
  • BetMGM – Great Mobile App
  • William Hill – Good Odds
  • BetRivers – Good Bet Variety

DraftKings Sportsbook West Virginia Summary 2021


DraftKings is the complete package for both new and experienced sports bettors. The variety of sports and bets offered, the outstanding education and statistics, and the unique live betting experience make DraftKings a winner in 2021.

Minimum deposit: $5

DraftKings Sportsbook Pros
1) DraftKings offers the widest variety of bets I’ve seen so far from a sportsbook. DraftKings offers betting pools, daily fantasy sports, instant bets, and a Sports Betting National Championship contest in addition to all standard bet types.
2) While DraftKings provides top-notch mobile betting and live betting, I was most impressed by the sportsbook’s pre-game statistics and betting trends. DraftKings is in a class of its own in this category, giving users statistics, injuries, team standings, and betting insights to make informed bets. No other sportsbooks offer the same quality or quantity of useful pre-game information.
3) Daily promotions are available for customers, including profit boosts, risk-free bets, and parlay insurance, amongst others.

DraftKings Sportsbook Cons
1) The welcome offer of a 20% deposit match up to $1,000 hasa 25X rollover, the highest of any welcome promotion I've seen.


FanDuel Sportsbook West Virginia Summary 2021


FanDuel Sportsbook is an accomplished offering in every measurable way — and one we recommend for bettors at every experience level. Besides providing the full gamut of classic sports betting features, and a standout live betting experience, FanDuel is an innovator. (A must-see is the live, free-to-play PlayAction contest.) With its steady stream of new promotions, contests, and bet types, FanDuel has clearly staked its claim in the top echelon of sportsbooks.

Minimum deposit: $10

FanDuel Sportsbook Pros
1) The seemingly endless variety of bets and prop bets, daily fantasy sports, and free-to-play contests is what makes FanDuel Sportsbook one of the premier sports betting apps.
2) Bonuses and promotions are generous and plentiful — so much so that nearly every day we’re tempted to open the app to see what new and crazy incentives have been activated.
3) The must-see in FanDuel’s already impressive live and mobile betting game is the free-to-play PlayAction contests. It’s an exciting glimpse into the future of live betting.

FanDuel Sportsbook Cons
1) Odds are not as competitive as other sportsbooks.


BetMGM West Virginia Summary 2021


Make no mistake, despite being a casino-based brand, MGM is all-in on online sports betting. The BetMGM app provides users with a wide collection of sports and bets to wager on, in addition to a full suite of casino and poker games.

Minimum deposit: $10

BetMGM Pros
1) BetMGM’s flexibility allows users to quickly place, edit, and look up an abundant variety of bets (especially prop bets) to make.
2) The new-customer promotion is a risk-free bet of up to $600 is a highlight of BetMGM’s slate of promotions for new and existing bettors.

BetMGM Cons
1) Our main knock is that the mobile app feels a bit slow or sluggish, at times, compared to competitors.


William Hill Virginia Summary 2021

William Hill

William Hill combines excellent odds and new customer bonus offers with an above-average mobile app. While I wish the sportsbook offered more education and ongoing promotions, there is a lot to like about William Hill.

Minimum deposit: $5

William Hill Pros
1) William Hill offers excellent bonuses for new customers, competing with the best bonuses in the industry. For existing customers, William Hill does not provide nearly as many ongoing seasonal promotions, but when it does, they are worthwhile.
2) William Hill offers excellent odds for NHL spread bets, MLB spread bets, and NBA moneyline bets, placing #2 in our 2021 odds rankings.

William Hill Cons
1) William Hill’s education section is lackluster and needs to be improved in both quantity and quality.


BetRivers West Virginia Summary 2021


BetRivers has the foundation of a great sports betting site. It’s one of the premier services for live betting, has a wide variety of sports (the most of any app), and offers industry-leading promotions. Mobile bettors, however, will find the slow and clunky app a frustrating user experience.

Minimum Deposit: $10

Why Choose BetRivers Sportsbook:

  • Terrific for live betting. BetRivers is one of a few sportsbooks to offer live streaming of sports games in-app. Live streaming is currently limited to tennis and soccer but has the potential to expand. BetRivers also provides a wide range of bets, in addition to instant bets (e.g., each point of a tennis match). I see instant bets becoming more popular in the years to come. For example, imagine being able to bet on key plays of a Steelers game.
  • Low-rollover bonus. The 100% deposit match promotion with a 1X rollover is the best bonus I have seen in Pennsylvania for 2020 thus far. If you are new to sports betting, a 1X rollover is a perfect way to dip your feet in the water while receiving a bonus.
  • Bonuses: Promotions change throughout the year, but typically BetRivers offers a 100% first deposit match up to $250. This bonus is unique because it only has a 1X rollover, where typical rollovers range from 3X – 10X.


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What West Virginia casinos offer in-person sports betting?

The following casinos have sportsbooks for in-person betting seven days a week.

  • The Greenbrier Casino – White Sulphur Springs
  • Hollywood Casino – Charles Town
  • Mardi Gras Casino – Cross Lanes
  • Mountaineer Casino – New Cumberland
  • Wheeling Island Casino – Wheeling

The Greenbrier - White Sulphur Springs

The Greenbrier Casino offers in-person sports betting at the FanDuel Sportsbook seven days a week. 21 different televisions are available at the sportsbook, in addition to betting windows and dining. Hours vary from 4PM - 12AM Monday through Friday to 11AM - 1AM on Saturday and 1PM - 11PM on Sunday.

Hollywood Casino - Charles Town

The Hollywood Casino offers in-person sports betting at its Sportsbook seven days a week. The sportsbook features 24 odds-display monitors and 50 feet of wall space dedicated to 80-inch televisions. Hours are Noon - 10PM Monday to Thursday, 11AM to 11Pm Friday, 10AM to 11PM Saturday, and 10AM to 11PM Sunday.

Mardi Gras Casino - Cross Lanes

The Mardi Gras Casino offers in-person sports betting at the Betly Sportsbook seven days a week. There are on-property teller windows and on-property betting kiosks open daily from 9AM to 4AM.

Mountaineer Casino - New Cumberland

The Mountaineer Casino offers in-person sports betting at the William Hill Sportsbook seven days a week. The sportsbook has a huge video walls to broadcast different games. The sportsbook is open from 10AM - 1AM Friday to Saturday and 10AM - 12AM Sunday to Thursday.

Wheeling Island Casino - Wheeling

The Wheeling Island Casino offers in-person sports betting at the Betly Sportsbook seven days a week. The sportsbook is open from 11AM - 8PM Monday to Wednesday, 11AM - 8:30PM Thursday, 11AM - 10PM Friday, 10AM - 10PM Saturday, and 10AM to 8:30PM Sunday.

How old do you have to be to bet on sports in West Virginia?

The legal betting age in West Virginia is 21. Even non-West Virginia residents who are 21 and within West Virginia state lines can legally bet on sports.

Your location is a key part of the question of legality: If you travel to a state where betting isn’t legal, you will not be able to bet. (Don’t even try: Phones and laptops use geo-technology to make sure you’re within state lines.) The only people prohibited from betting on sports (even within the state) are athletes, coaches, refs, and other related personnel.

Do you have to pay taxes on sports betting in West Virginia?

According to the IRS, “Gambling winnings are fully taxable, and you must report the income on your tax return.” Use Form W-2G to report gambling winnings and gambling losses. On the bright side, your gambling losses may be deductible from your taxes.

For online gambling winnings over $600 and at least 300 times the amount of the wager, residents of West Virginia must file Form W-2G with the IRS.

What sports leagues can I bet on in West Virginia?

Almost all domestic and international leagues are available to bet on with West Virginia sportsbooks:

  • Football - NFL, NCAA, CFL
  • Basketball - NBA, NCAA, WNBA, International Leagues
  • Soccer - English Premier League, MLS, International Leagues
  • Baseball - MLB + International Leagues
  • Hockey - NHL + International Leagues
  • Golf - PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, International Leagues
  • Tennis - All Major U.S. Tournaments + International Matches
  • Other Sports - UFC/MMA, Motor Sports, Boxing, Cricket, etc.

What are the most common sports betting terms?

Some of the most basic terms in sports betting are: favorite, underdog, spread, puck line, run line and live betting.

  • Favorite: The team that is expected to win the game.
  • Underdog: The team that is expected to lose the game.
  • Spread: A number that estimates how many points the favorite is expected to win by and how many points the loser is expected to lose by.
  • Puck line: The spread for hockey games. Typically hockey puck lines are almost always set at + or - 1.5 goals.
  • Run line: The spread for baseball games. Typically baseball run lines are almost always set at + or - 1.5 goals.
  • Live betting: Placing a wager on a game that has already started. This is also called in-play wagering.

Need more education, our guide on sports betting 101 breaks down the most common bet types. More of a visual person? Here's a YouTube video covering moneyline, spread, and total bets.

How do I bet online in West Virginia?

  1. Create an account. Every online sportsbook has an online website as well as a mobile app. To create an account on the app or website, you will need your name, address, phone number, and email address. Some sportsbooks might ask for more information such as Social Security number, which is normal.
  2. Fund the account. Deposit money into your newly created account. In West Virginia, standard banking methods include credit/debit cards, PayPal, ACH (e-check), Bank Transfers, Play+ Cards, and PayNearMe.
  3. Add your bet(s) to the bet slip. To do this, click on the bet that you want to place.
  4. Select the wager amount. Enter the amount of money you want to wager. The bet slip will display your total wager and potential payout. Keep in mind, the potential payout includes the money that you are wagering. For example, in the screenshot below, you are betting $10 to win $8.80. Thus, the potential payout is $18.80 — your total wager ($10) + potential winnings ($8.80).
  5. Finalize the bet. Place your bet and set an alarm for game time!

  6. Gallery

Sports betting tips for West Virginia residents

Here are six general tips if you’re new to sports betting: learn how to read betting odds, understand how risk-free bets work, don’t chase your losses, look at injury reports, be careful when live betting, and hedge your bets.

  • Learn how to read betting odds. Knowing how to read odds is essential before you start betting. Our guide on how to read odds will teach you all the basics before you get started.
  • Understand risk-free bets. Most sportsbooks offer risk-free bets as welcome promotions for new customers. When you deposit money with a sportsbook for the first time, your first bet — and only your first bet — is deemed risk-free. If a sportsbook is offering a $500 risk-free bet and you bet $500 on a team to win, if that team wins, you collect your winnings, and that’s it. The promotion is over. If you lose your first bet, your $500 will be refunded to you. However, how your $500 is refunded varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. Some sportsbooks will refund the money to you all at once, while others break up that $500 into one or multiple bets. Either way you are forced to roll the money over.
  • Don’t chase losses. If you’re on a losing streak, don’t bet two or three times as much as you normally would to make up for your losses. Instead, take off a day or two to reevaluate the bets you’ve been making. Look for patterns. For example, do you keep betting the same team every week? Maybe it’s time to switch things up.
  • Be careful when live betting. Along the lines of chasing losses, don’t fall victim to live betting your team every time they fall further and further behind in a game. If you see an opportunity once or twice in a game to live bet a team at a good price or to hedge another bet, by all means take it. But mindlessly doubling down on your bet every time your team falls behind is a quick way to lose a lot of money.
  • Look at injury reports. If a betting line looks off, there’s a good chance one team could be dealing with injuries. Knowing whether or not a star player is going to be active is important, especially in sports like basketball or football. BoydsBets does a great job of covering injuries.
  • Hedge your bets. Most sportsbooks allow you to cash out bets before the game ends. By settling or amending the original bet (or a portion of the bet) before the event has concluded, bettors can lock in a profit or a loss. For example, let’s say you bet $20 on the Dolphins to beat the Jaguars at +100 odds (a $20 bet wins $20). At the end of the 3rd quarter the Dolphins are winning 30 - 20. You could hedge your bet by cashing out your ticket early or placing a live bet on the Jaguars at increased odds. Either way, hedging gives you the opportunity to guarantee a profit or minimize your losses.

What online sportsbook offers the best odds in West Virginia?

Based on 34,000 data points collected over five months and hundreds of games, William Hill offers the best odds of all the sportsbooks in West Virginia. William Hill offers good odds on NCAAF moneyline bets, NFL moneyline bets, NCAAB moneyline bets, NBA moneyline bets, NHL moneyline bets, and NHL spread bets.

For comparison, if average NFL moneyline odds on a team are +130 at other sports betting sites, William Hill might offer odds at +140. In this example, every dollar wagered would return $1.40 at William Hill versus $1.30 at other sites.

Feature DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook BetMGM
NFL Moneyline Best Average Average
NFL Spread Below Average Below Average Below Average
NFL Total Below Average Below Average Below Average
NBA Moneyline Average Average Average
NBA Spread Below Average Good Average
NBA Total Below Average Average Average
NHL Moneyline Best Average Average
NHL Spread Average Good Worst
NHL Total Below Average Average Below Average
Soccer Moneyline Average Average Good
NCAAF Moneyline Below Average Below Average Average
NCAAB Moneyline Average Good Good
Odds 3 3.5 2.5

Methodology: To score Odds, gathered data from 20 sportsbooks over five months. For our 2021 Sportsbook Review, over 34,000 data points were collected for spread, moneyline, and over/under (bets).

Deposit options for the best West Virginia sportsbooks

Here is a comparison of deposit options amongst top WV sports betting apps.

Feature DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook BetMGM
Minimum Deposit $5 $10 $10
Total Deposit Methods 8 8 8
Deposit Min/Max - Debit/Credit Card $5/$2,000 $10/Varies $0/Varies
Deposit Min/Max - PayPal $5/$2,000 $10/Varies $10/Varies
PayPal Yes Yes No
Debit/Credit Card Yes Yes Yes
Online Bank Transfer Yes Yes Yes

Withdrawal options for the best West Virginia sportsbooks

Here is a comparison of withdrawal options amongst top WV sports betting apps.

Feature DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook BetMGM
Minimum Withdrawal $1 - $15 None Listed $10
Total Withdrawal Methods 4 4 6
Withdrawal Min/Max - PayPal $5/Varies None listed $10/Varies
Online Bank Transfer Yes Yes Yes
PayPal Yes Yes Yes
Prepaid Gift Card No Yes Yes

What kind of casino games do the top West Virginia sportsbooks offer?

Here is a comparison of online casino games amongst top WV sports betting apps. To compare more sportsbooks use our comparison tool.

Feature DraftKings Sportsbook FanDuel Sportsbook BetMGM
Online Casino Yes Yes Yes
Online Slot Machines 335 353 123
Online Blackjack Yes Yes Yes
Online Roulette Yes Yes Yes
Online Virtual Poker Yes Yes Yes
Poker No No Yes

Best West Virginia Sportsbooks Summary

Below is a summary of the best online sportsbooks currently available in West Virginia.

SportsbookMinimum DepositSports & Bets OfferedOddsMobile BettingBonuses & PromotionsLive BettingOverallBet Now
DraftKings Sportsbook$5 5 Stars 3 Stars 5 Stars 4.5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars N/A
FanDuel Sportsbook$10 4.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars N/A
BetMGM$10 4.5 Stars 2.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars N/A
William Hill$5 4 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars 3.5 Stars 4 Stars N/A
BetRivers Sportsbook$10 4.5 Stars 3.5 Stars 2.5 Stars 4 Stars 4.5 Stars 4 Stars N/A
DraftKings Sportsbook

Best overall

Minimum Deposit $5
iPhone App Yes
Android App Yes

DraftKings delivers the ultimate package for sports bettors, including unique contests and bet types, industry-leading pre-game statistics, excellent education for beginners, Daily Fantasy contests, and private pools with friends. This outstanding all-around experience makes DraftKings our top overall sportsbook in 2021. Read full review


  • Top-notch mobile betting, live betting, education, and statistics.
  • Awesome bonuses + promos.
  • #1 overall sportsbook.


  • Below-average odds on NHL total bets, NBA total and spread bets and NFL total and spread bets.
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye

FanDuel Sportsbook

Best live betting

Minimum Deposit $10
iPhone App Yes
Android App Yes

Rattle off any feature you want in a sports betting app and it’s likely FanDuel Sportsbook has got it… and then some. From top-of-the-line live betting and an impressive laundry list of bet types and sports to industry-leading promotions, competitive odds, and innovative live play-by-play contests, FanDuel is a sportsbook for all bettors. Read full review


  • App is one of the best for navigation, appearance, and bet slip building.
  • Risk-free bet up to $1,000.
  • Typically well over 100 bets to pick from for most sporting events.


  • Below average odds on NFL games.
  • Casino games take longer.
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye


Great mobile app

Minimum Deposit $10
iPhone App Yes
Android App Yes

BetMGM is a solid option for people who enjoy betting on sports, online poker, and online casino games. For those who exclusively want to bet on sports, there are better options with better odds and more educational content. Read full review


  • Promotions are generous.
  • Sports betting, casino games, and poker are available.
  • Hundreds of bets are listed for most games, including dozens of prop bets.


  • Educational content can be improved.
  • BetMGM offers below-average odds.
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye

William Hill

Good odds

Minimum Deposit $5
iPhone App Yes
Android App Yes

William Hill combines excellent odds and new customer bonus offers with an above-average mobile app. While I wish the sportsbook offered more education and ongoing promotions, there is a lot to like about William Hill. Read full review


  • Excellent odds.
  • Wide variety of promotions.
  • Easy to use mobile app.


  • Casino games are limited.
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye

BetRivers Sportsbook

Good bet variety

Minimum Deposit $10
iPhone App Yes
Android App Yes

BetRivers has the foundation of a great sports betting site. It’s one of the premier services for live betting, has a wide variety of sports (the most of any app), and offers great promotions. Mobile bettors, however, will find the slow and clunky app a frustrating user experience. Read full review


  • 100% first-deposit match (up to $250), with a 1X rollover.
  • Live betting is excellent.
  • Offers obscure sports such as futsal.


  • There are different mobile apps for each state BetRivers operates in.
  • Odds are average.
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye


For’s annual best online sportsbooks review, we collected more than 36,000 data points over five months from 20 sportsbooks that serve 11 states where full-scale mobile betting is legalized. Hundreds of hours were spent testing and scoring each sportsbook (mobile and online/desktop) in seven core categories: sports and bets offered, odds, live betting, mobile betting, education, ease of use, and bonuses and promotions. The results determined each sportsbook’s overall rating.

Data from more than 1,700 bets (including moneyline, spread and total bets) was used to generate each sportsbook’s comparative odds ranking. Leagues and bet types collected include NCAA football moneyline bets, NCAA basketball moneyline bets, NFL moneyline, spread and total bets, NBA spread, moneyline and total bets, NHL moneyline, puckline and total bets, and soccer 3-way result (moneyline) bets. When collecting odds, we made sure to collect the same games at the same time for each sportsbook, ensuring data accuracy.

About’s chief sportsbook researcher, Joey Shadeck: I’ve been a hobby sports bettor for more than six years, placing hundreds of bets on my favorite sports (football, basketball, MMA) and teams (Packers, Spartans, and whoever is playing the Lions). Beyond sports betting, I’m known for saying “Wanna bet on it?” in almost any situation and that is how I found out I can eat 42 chicken nuggets in less than 20 minutes.

As of February 2021, 22 different states have legalized sports betting to some capacity. Of those 22 states, the following 11 have legalized full-scale mobile betting: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada (must register in-person), New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Learn more about how we test.

About the Author

Joey Shadeck

Joey Shadeck is the lead writer for and content strategist for Reink Media Group. He has closely tracked sports betting in the United States for the last two years, compiling hundreds of data points across dozens of sportsbooks. He has 6 years of online betting experience with hundreds of bets placed during that time.


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