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BetRivers Sportsbook Review

BetRivers has the foundation of a great sports betting site. It’s one of the premier services for live betting, has a wide variety of sports (the most of any app), and offers great promotions. Mobile bettors, however, will find the slow and clunky app a frustrating user experience.

Top Takeaways for 2021

After testing 20 online sportsbooks for our 2021 review, here are our top findings on BetRivers:

  • Instead of one universal app, BetRivers offers individual mobile apps for each state it serves. The performance of the two we tested — Colorado and Illinois — was slow and subpar.
  • BetRivers offers an awesome welcome bonus, e.g., a 100% first-deposit match (up to $250) with a 1X rollover.
  • A standout feature is BetRivers’ variety of sports, bets, and live bets. It’s one of the only sportsbooks to offer obscure sports such as futsal, cyclo-cross, snooker, and volleyball.

Supported States: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Casino: BetRivers offers online casino games only in Michigan and Pennsylvania. The lineup includes 183 slot games, virtual table games (such as roulette, blackjack), virtual sports, and virtual poker. (Note: This review focuses on sports betting and not online casino games.)

Overall Summary

Rank: 10th
FeatureBetRivers Sportsbook
Overall 4 Stars
Sports & Bets Offered 4.5 Stars
Odds 3.5 Stars
Live Betting 4.5 Stars
Mobile Betting 2.5 Stars
Bonuses & Promotions 4 Stars
Education 4 Stars
Ease of Use 3.5 Stars

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Sports and Bets Offered

Rank: 7th

BetRivers offers 21 different sports throughout the year — that’s more than you’ll find at any other sports betting site. In addition to the traditional lineup, you can lay action on obscure sports such as futsal, cyclo-cross, snooker, and volleyball. (Yeah, we had to Google a few of those, too.)

While DraftKings and PointsBet earn our top ratings in the “Sports and bets offered” category, BetRivers is no slouch. You’ll find hundreds of bets for popular games — standard wagers (moneyline, spread, total), as well as a vast selection of team and player props, parlays, and alternative lines. The lack of custom bet types or unique contests is the only thing keeping BetRivers from getting five stars in this category.

Prop bets: I’m impressed with the number of prop bets available at BetRivers. Quick refresher: A prop bet is a bet that focuses on something other than the outcome of the game, typically team or player stats (e.g., “Will Stephen Curry score over or under 27.5 points” or “Will Kevin Durant record over or under 4.5 assists?”).

Cash Out feature: Like most sportsbooks, BetRivers offers a cash out feature. This allows bettors to amend their original bet and lock in a profit or a loss by settling the bet (or a portion of the bet) before the event has finished.

Daily odds boosts: Odds boosts are another staple of online betting sites. BetRivers calls its odds boosts “Super Odds.” Here’s how it works: If you boosted the odds of the Lakers to win on opening night from +127 to +200, you would win $2 for every $1 you wagered, as opposed to $1.27.



Rank: 10th

As denoted by the table below, BetRivers offers good odds on NHL moneyline bets, NCAAB moneyline bets, and NFL moneyline bets. For comparison, if average NFL moneyline odds on a team are +130 at other sports betting sites, BetRivers might offer odds at +140. In this example, every dollar wagered would return $1.40 at BetRivers versus $1.30 at other sites.

Meanwhile, BetRivers offers below average odds on NCAAF moneyline bets, NFL spread bets, NFL total bets, NBA spread bets, and NBA total bets. For comparison, if average NBA spread odds on a team are -110 at other sports betting sites, BetRivers might offer odds at -115. In this example, every dollar wagered would return $.87 at BetRivers versus $.91 at other sites.

FeatureBetRivers Sportsbook
NFL MoneylineBest
NFL SpreadBelow Average
NFL TotalBelow Average
NBA MoneylineAverage
NBA SpreadBelow Average
NBA TotalBelow Average
NCAAF MoneylineBelow Average
NCAAB MoneylineGood
Soccer Moneyline N/A
NHL MoneylineBest
NHL SpreadN/A
NHL TotalN/A

Methodology: To score Odds, gathered data from 20 sportsbooks over five months. For our 2021 Sportsbook Review, over 34,000 data points were collected for spread, moneyline, and over/under (bets).

Leagues and bet types collected include NCAA football moneyline bets, NCAA basketball moneyline bets, NFL moneyline, spread and total bets, NBA spread, moneyline and total bets, NHL moneyline, puckline and total bets, and soccer 3-way result (moneyline) bets. When collecting odds, we made sure to collect the same games at the same time for each sportsbook, ensuring data accuracy.

Live Betting

Rank: 3rd

BetRivers is one of the premier sportsbooks for live betting. It offers instant bets, a live match tracker, and live streaming. Last year we noted that BetRivers was one of a select few sportsbooks to offer these features. Now, however, it’s less noteworthy as more sports betting apps are following suit.

Instant bets: BetRivers offers instant bets for the most popular sports — e.g. “What team will be awarded the next throw-in in a soccer match?” or, “What will the result of the next drive be?” in an NFL game.

Live match tracker: For live sports such as football, basketball, and soccer, BetRivers’ match tracker offers all the features you’d expect. A live match tracker has a live clock, displays the score by quarter, and shows which team is attacking in real-time. For NFL games, BetRivers shows the current down and distance and lists all scoring plays. Soccer match statistics (such as corner kicks or yellow cards) are also available.

Live streaming: Live streaming games from your phone or online is available for international basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and table tennis matches. Live streaming for popular U.S. leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL is not yet available.


BetRivers Mobile App

Rank: 18th

BetRivers’ weak spot is its mobile app. Simply put, it’s painfully slow, clunkily designed, and falls well short of other mobile sports betting apps we test.

Usability: Every time you load a new sport, game, or page, the BetRivers app takes a few seconds to load — an excruciating amount of time when you’re itching to make a bet. Meanwhile, clicking on other parts of the app boots you entirely out of the app and back into the BetRivers website. These issues are frequently mentioned in reviews in the App Store. Because of these shortcomings, I’d choose DraftKings or FanDuelover BetRivers as a primary app for sports betting.

Statistics: Offerings here are limited to pre-game statistics for just a few sports and games (e.g., stats for the previous five head-to-head matchups between NBA teams). BetRivers also provides a smattering of live betting statistics. While that’s an upgrade from several sports betting sites where there are no stats, it falls well short what you can get at an app like DraftKings.

Testing note: Unlike most sports betting apps, BetRivers has separate apps for each state, some of which are still under development. We tested the apps for Illinois and Colorado on an iPhone 7. As of January 2021, there is no BetRivers iOS app.



Rank: 6th

BetRivers’ educational tools will help first-time bettors get acquainted with the basics of sports betting. Begin with the Quickstart guide: It covers how to place a bet, how to read odds, different bet types, and more. Every game also features an informational button that pops a brief explanation of the three most common bet types — moneyline, spread, and total.

Timeout: To learn more about online sports betting basics, see our guides on how to read odds, different bet types, and understanding bonus rollovers.


Bonuses & Promotions

Rank: 7th

BetRivers has a great selection of bonuses and promotions, handily earning it four stars in this category. A few standouts:

First deposit promotions: A 100% first deposit match, up to $250 with a 1X rollover is available for new customers. This a rarity that bettors should jump on. A 1X rollover means that if you deposit $250 and receive a $250 bonus, you only have to wager $500 (($250 + $250) x1) before you can withdraw the bonus money.

First-time bettors also have the option to choose free bets, as opposed to the deposit match. Bettors who deposit $50 to $99 will receive $100 in free bets (four free $25 bets), while bettors who deposit $250 or more receive $500 in free bets (20 free $25 bets). Note: Free bets do have odds restrictions.

Ongoing promotions: Existing BetRivers customers can expect between five to eight ongoing promotions. That’s a generous number compared to most sportsbooks. Ongoing promotions include profit boosts, parlay boosts, pick’em contests, and more.


Final Thoughts

BetRivers is an excellent online sports betting option… if you’re placing bets from your computer. Unlike its mobile app, BetRivers’ online game is among the industry’s best. It’s got the largest variety of sports, live betting, compelling bonuses, and a smooth and seamless interface.

Unfortunately, the BetRivers mobile app isn’t in the same league. (Mobile bettors: Use our state guidesto find a better option.) In our testing, the mobile app’s slow load times were enough of a nuisance to drive us away from an otherwise good sports betting option.

About BetRivers

BetRivers and SugarHouse are properties under the Rush Street Interactive umbrella. In addition to restaurants and hotels, Rush Street (NYSE: DMYT) owns and operates casinos in Pennsylvania, New York, and Illinois. The company’s SugarHouse brand has the same odds and design as BetRivers, and is available to bettors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. BetRivers is available in Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. Read more about Rush Street Interactive going public.

What states is BetRivers sportsbook legal in?

BetRivers is legal in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.

What deposit methods does BetRivers offer?

Deposit options can vary by state. Bettors can currently deposit via credit/debit card, online bank transfer (ACH), PayPal, PayNearMe, VIP Preferred, VanillaDirect, cash at Rivers casinos, and Play+ prepaid cards.

FeatureBetRivers Sportsbook
Minimum Deposit$10
Total Deposit Methods8
No Debit/Credit Card Deposit Fees Yes
Deposit Min/Max - Debit/Credit Card$10/Varies

What withdrawal methods does BetRivers offer?

Withdrawal options can vary by state. BetRivers currently processes withdrawals via online bank transfer (ACH), check by mail, Play+ prepaid cards, and cash at certain casinos.

FeatureBetRivers Sportsbook
Minimum Withdrawal$10
Total Withdrawal Methods4
Check Payout Speed is < 10 days Yes
No Withdrawal Fees - Check Yes
Withdrawal Min/Max - Check$10/Varies

What is the minimum deposit at BetRivers?

The minimum amount required to open an account at BetRivers Sportsbook is $10. The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

What kind of customer support does BetRivers offer?

BetRivers offers live chat support daily from 9:30 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. and email support that responds within a day or two. Phone support is not currently available.

What sports can you bet on at BetRivers?

BetRivers currently offers bettors the following sports and leagues.

FeatureBetRivers Sportsbook
Total Sports Offered21
Aussie Rules (AFL) Yes
Baseball (MLB) Yes
Basketball (NBA) Yes
Basketball (NCAA) Yes
Boxing Yes
Cricket Yes
E-Sports No
Football (NFL) Yes
Football (NCAA) Yes
Golf (PGA) Yes
Hockey (NHL) Yes
Horse Racing No
Rugby (League) Yes
Rugby (Union) Yes
Soccer (EPL) Yes
Soccer (MLS) Yes
Tennis Yes
Sports & Bets Offered 4.5 Stars


For’s annual best online sportsbooks review, we collected more than 36,000 data points over five months from 20 sportsbooks that serve 11 states where full-scale mobile betting is legalized. Hundreds of hours were spent testing and scoring each sportsbook (mobile and online/desktop) in seven core categories: sports and bets offered, odds, live betting, mobile betting, education, ease of use, and bonuses and promotions. The results determined each sportsbook’s overall rating.

Data from more than 1,700 bets (including moneyline, spread and total bets) was used to generate each sportsbook’s comparative odds ranking. Leagues and bet types collected include NCAA football moneyline bets, NCAA basketball moneyline bets, NFL moneyline, spread and total bets, NBA spread, moneyline and total bets, NHL moneyline, puckline and total bets, and soccer 3-way result (moneyline) bets. When collecting odds, we made sure to collect the same games at the same time for each sportsbook, ensuring data accuracy.

About’s chief sportsbook researcher, Joey Shadeck: I’ve been a hobby sports bettor for more than six years, placing hundreds of bets on my favorite sports (football, basketball, MMA) and teams (Packers, Spartans, and whoever is playing the Lions). Beyond sports betting, I’m known for saying “Wanna bet on it?” in almost any situation and that is how I found out I can eat 42 chicken nuggets in less than 20 minutes.

As of February 2021, 22 different states have legalized sports betting to some capacity. Of those 22 states, the following 11 have legalized full-scale mobile betting: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada (must register in-person), New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Joey Shadeck

About the author: Joey Shadeck is the lead writer for and content strategist for Reink Media Group. He has closely tracked sports betting in the United States for the last two years, compiling hundreds of data points across dozens of sportsbooks. He has 6 years of online betting experience with hundreds of bets placed during that time.


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