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WynnBET Review

Joey Shadeck

Joey Shadeck | March 2nd, 2021

WynnBET is a completely serviceable sports betting app, which is to say that it’s fine on all the basics, but overwhelmingly average compared to the features you’ll find on the top betting apps.

Pros and Cons for 2021

After testing 20 online sportsbooks for our 2021 review, here are our top findings on WynnBET:

  • The variety of bets and live bets is not yet on par with DraftKings or PointsBet, which are both available in the same states where WynnBET operates.
  • WynnBET’s promotions for new users are excellent (plus there are three to choose from). But where are the ongoing promotions for existing customers? Answer: There aren’t any.
  • No educational content is available for new bettors, which is both surprising and frustrating if you’re new to sports betting.

Supported states: Colorado, Iowa, and New Jersey.

Casino: Of the states WynnBET operates in, Michigan has legalized online casino games. WynnBet’s selection of casino games features 95 slots, virtual table games (such as roulette, blackjack) and virtual poker. (Note: This review focuses on sports betting and not online casino games.)

Overall Summary

Overall 3.5 Stars
Sports & Bets Offered 4 Stars
Odds 0 Stars
Live Betting 3 Stars
Mobile Betting 4 Stars
Bonuses & Promotions 3.5 Stars
Education 1 Stars

Sports and Bets Offered

WynnBET isn’t about unique sports or unusual bets. The sportsbook mostly sticks to the basics. That’s fine, but why settle for vanilla ice cream when you can get hot fudge, caramel and sprinkles elsewhere for no additional cost? Over at DraftKings, PointsBet, and Barstool Sportsbook they’re serving custom bets, contests and new bet types, in addition to opening up the action on more obscure sports such as darts and handball.

Prop bets: WynnBET offers a few dozen player and team props for most games. Quick refresher: A prop bet is a bet that focuses on something other than the outcome of the game, typically team or player stats (e.g., “Will Damian Lillard record over or under 33.5 points?”).

Cash out feature: Like most sportsbooks, WynnBET has a cash out feature that allows bettors to amend their original bet and lock in a profit or a loss by settling the bet (or a portion of the bet) before the event has finished.

Daily odds boosts: Odds boosts are another frequent feature of online betting apps. The challenge at WynnBET is finding them. The sportsbook says in its terms and conditions that it offers odds boosts, but I didn’t find any when I tested the app (and, trust me, I looked everywhere). Here’s how odds boosts work: If the sportsbooks boosts the odds of the Denver Nuggets to cover the spread and the game’s over/under to hit from +260 to +310, you would win $3.10 instead of $2.60 for every $1 you wagered.



We are still collecting odds data on WynnBET. Our WynnBET Odds rating will be released in early 2021.

Methodology: To score Odds, gathers data from 21 sportsbooks over several months. For our 2020 Sportsbook Review, over 10,000 data points were collected for spread, moneyline, and over/under (bets).

I collected odds for spread, moneyline, and total bets for over 75 NFL games, 75 MLB games, 75 NBA games, 75 NHL games, 75 Soccer games (various leagues), and 75 NCAA Football and 75 NCAA Basketball games. When collecting odds, I collected the same games simultaneously for each sportsbook, ensuring data accuracy.

Live Betting

The lack of common features like a running clock for some sports, certain instant bets, and a live match tracker makes live betting feel like an afterthought at WynnBET. It doesn’t help that the live betting menu, navigation, and overall design (dull colors and boxes) take some of the excitement out of the experience.

Instant bets: A big hole in WynnBET’s lineup is the absence of instant bets — such as “next drive results” for NFL games and “interval betting” for soccer games. That’s a real shame since live bets are a lot of fun. Instead, bettors are forced to make do with just the standard moneyline, total, and spread live bets.

Prop bets: This is where WynnBET shines. I was impressed with the number of live prop bets available — often more than 15 to 20 live props per game. A live prop bet (e.g., “How many points will Russell Westbrook score”) is a prop bet on a game that is currently being played.

Live match tracker: This common feature on other sports betting sites is simply an animated graphic with a live game clock, live score and real-time info on which team possesses the ball. Unfortunately, the WynnBET sportsbook doesn’t have one.

Live Streaming: Live streams, as the name implies, allows users to stream games live from their phones. Unlike FanDuel and FOX Bet, WynnBET does not yet offer live streaming. (Note, live streaming on most other sportsbooks is currently limited to international leagues and less-popular sports such as soccer and tennis.)


WynnBET Mobile App

WynnBET’s mobile app provides all the necessary features that allow bettors to search for the game or bet they’re looking for and quickly throw down some money. Some people will find the app easy to use, but I prefer the layout used by competitors such as PointsBet or FanDuel. These sportsbooks offer dedicated tabs to view your bet slip and make it much easier to navigate to live games.

This may sound nitpicky, but I get impatient when first entering the app at the three extra seconds it takes WynnBET to load. Another knock against WynnBET’s mobile app is the clunky and outdated way games are laid out. You’ll find the design and navigation more modern and user-friendly at other sports betting apps.



If you’re looking for a sports betting glossary, a guide on reading odds, or explanations of popular bets, WynnBET will keep you searching. It’s one of a select few sportsbooks we’ve reviewed on Moneyline that offers absolutely no betting education.

For sportsbooks that take joy in educating new customers, check out industry leaders PointsBet and 888sport.

Bonuses & Promotions

WynnBET’s first-deposit bonuses go toe to toe with the best sportsbooks. But after the honeymoon period, the sportsbook completely ghosts bettors, offering no ongoing promotions for existing customers.

New customers: WynnBET offers three kick-butt promotions for new users, which allows bettors to choose the one that best fits them (which isn’t always the case at other sportsbooks). New users can choose to…

  • Receive a 100% deposit match bonus up to $1,000 + 200 free spins on divine fortunes slots;
  • Receive a 100% deposit match bonus up to $1,250 (casino only), or
  • Receive a risk-free bet up to $1,000 (if your bet loses you must use the risk-free bet in 10 days or it expires)

Existing customers: To my surprise, WynnBET was offering no ongoing promotions when this review was written in February 2021 (boo). For comparison, top sportsbooks almost always have three to eight ongoing promotions, especially during the winter months. The lack of promotions for existing customers significantly dampened WynnBET’s overall rating in this category.


Final Thoughts

There’s nothing inherently wrong with WynnBET’s betting app. Still, compared to top sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel and PointsBet, nothing about it rises to above average, either. As a primary sports betting option, you’ll get more bet variety, ongoing promotions, live betting features, and educational content at those other sportsbooks.

About WynnBET

WynnBET is operated by Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ: WYNN), which owns and operates Wynn Hotel and Casino properties in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

What states is WynnBET legal in?

WynnBET is legal in Colorado, Michigan, and New Jersey.

What deposit methods does WynnBET offer?

Bettors can currently deposit via online bank transfer (ACH), PayPal, VIP Preferred, and Play+. Banking options vary by state, so be sure to check your state's banking options when opening an account.

Minimum Deposit$10
Total Deposit Methods4
No Debit/Credit Card Deposit Fees No
Deposit Min/Max - Debit/Credit Card$10/Varies

What withdrawal methods does WynnBET offer?

WynnBET currently processes withdrawals via online bank transfer (ACH), PayPal, VIP Preferred, and Play+. Minimum deposits and withdrawals are $10. Banking options vary by state, so be sure to check your state's banking options when opening an account.

Minimum Withdrawal$10
Total Withdrawal Methods4
Check Payout Speed is < 10 days No
No Withdrawal Fees - Check No
Withdrawal Min/Max - CheckN/A

What is the minimum deposit at WynnBET?

The minimum amount required to open an account at WynnBET is $10.

What kind of customer support does WynnBET?

WynnBET currently offers email support, live chat support, and phone support. Live chat is 24/7 while phone support goes from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

What sports can you bet on at WynnBET?

WynnBET offers betting on 15 different sports throughout the year.

Total Sports Offered14
Aussie Rules (AFL) Yes
Baseball (MLB) Yes
Basketball (NBA) Yes
Basketball (NCAA) Yes
Boxing Yes
Cricket Yes
E-Sports No
Football (NFL) Yes
Football (NCAA) Yes
Golf (PGA) Yes
Hockey (NHL) Yes
Horse Racing No
Rugby (League) Yes
Rugby (Union) Yes
Soccer (EPL) Yes
Soccer (MLS) Yes
Tennis Yes
Sports & Bets Offered 4 Stars


For the annual best online sportsbooks review published in 2020, a total of 2,300 data points were collected over six months and used to score sportsbooks. Additionally, odds data was collected for each sportsbook on over 1,400 bets to give each sportsbook a comparative odds ranking.

Sports betting sites were scored across seven core categories to computer an overall rating: total number of sports and bets offered, odds, live betting features, mobile apps, educational resources, ease of use, and current bonuses.

Learn more about how we test.

Joey Shadeck

About the author: Joey Shadeck is the lead writer for and content strategist for Michigan-based Reink Media Group. He has closely tracked sports betting in the United States for the last two years, compiling hundreds of data points across dozens of sportsbooks. He has 6 years of online betting experience with hundreds of bets placed during that time.

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