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Moneyline believes that casually and responsibly betting on sports online or with friends and family is a healthy part of being engrossed in todays sports culture. Our mission is to help hobby gamblers find the best sportsbook for their personal betting interests.

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It is our organization's primary mission to provide reviews, commentary, and analysis that are unbiased and objective. Sportsbooks must earn top ratings, and are not able to purchase or influence their rating in any way shape or form. We will seek to validate data with each sportsbook, to ensure we are providing the end user the most accurate information. To get a better idea of how we score sportsbooks, checkout how we test.

We will continue to reflect the changing landscape in the US as different states begin to introduce sports betting legislation. We envision sports betting being legalized in a vast majority of states over the next five years and seek to provide the best information for individuals to make informed decisions about where they bet their money.

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Joey Shadeck is a content strategist for Moneyline.com. He has been a sports fan all his life, football and basketball being his two favorites to watch. Joey remembers betting his mom that the Green Bay Packers would beat the Detroit Lions as early as elementary school. He has been placing online bets for the last five years as a side hobby and loves following the industry as sports betting expands. Read more about Joey here.